Top Gun Maverick Movie Review, Total Box Office Collection

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Top Gun Maverick Movie
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Top Gun Maverick Movie Review

Before watching Top Gun Maverick this movie it is very important to watch its first sequel, the top gun Maverick sequel came out almost 36 years after the release of Top Gun movie. This movie shows a man called Captain Maverick who is the hero of this movie, he is a professional pilot and he fights for the country.

Captain Maverick is called when he is in America so that he can come back to the top gun because he is shown there because he is needed in that place and he has an important job for him, When he returned to the place, the captain ordered him to train a new group of pilots for the war.

And after that, he is given important missions to complete and how he completes those missions and what he does with his intelligence is more shown in this movie. This movie is going to be a fully action-packed and full adventure and thriller type and you will be totally thrilled while watching this movie.

Top Gun Maverick Movie Storyline

This movie is the second sequel of Top Gun movie 36 years after it was released. First, it is shown that Captain Maverick has seen the character of the movie and the famous Tom Cruise played the role of the main in this movie, Not the first movie where Captain Maverick is a pilot for a country and flies a jet plane.

He gets a call from Top Cannes headquarters and is told to go back to Top Gun. He is a very professional jet pilot and has been promoted to a higher position from there, And he lives up to his promotion because he wants to fly in the sky and fly a jet plane,

When he came back to Top Gun and he was given a huge responsibility and that kingdom is that a new group has come there and they have to train them so that they can be ready for war and they can move forward. And when he trains the new team, he realizes that he has some of his previous memories attached to that team. And when he started training,

he realized that the team was not fully prepared and he had to take the mission into his own hands. And all of his jets have successful stunts and he’s done them himself. And the next part shows that their team is attacked by an outside enemy and then Captain Maverick’s mission with his own hands and when he goes into this battle he is attacked by a lot of jets around him.

More information about Top Gun Maverick Movie

Movie NameTop Gun: Maverick
Star Cast Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Glen Powell, and Jon Hamm, Kelly McGillis, etc.
Director nameJoseph Kosinski
Producers nameJerry Bruckheimer, and Tom Cruise
Christopher nameDavid Ellison
Music creatorHarold Faltermeyer, and Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe.
Distributed Companieparamount pictures
Released LanguageOnly English
Movie Budget$170 million
Total Box office Collection$1.472 billion

Top Gun Maverick Movie IMDB Review

This adventure and full action-packed movie have the highest rating on IMDB of 8.4 out of 10.

Coming Soon on the OTT Platform

This amazing adventure and full-action type movie is a has-been blockbuster at the box office. So this movie has been officially Released this movie will still be listed on the OTT platform, will be listed on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, And its release date has not been officially announced yet, And it has been confirmed that this movie will be coming soon to the OTT platform.

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