The Lost City Movie OTT Review, Total Box Office Collection

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The Lost City movie
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The Lost City Movie OTT Review

The movie is totally mystery and thriller type, this movie very much because this movie has good locations and their work is very nice and tidy, The main plot of the adventure movie is that a woman comes and is a great writer and a book written by her is published and offered a sum of money,

And then the goon in a huge building, the villain, catches the girl in his sight and kidnaps the girl first and takes her into his own hands and questions who gets her ransom, forcing, And the woman took him to the place in iland despite not telling him the name of the place. This movie is a total adventure type and when this movie was released this boy managed to attract the audience very well.

The Lost City Movie Storyline

First of all this, The Lost City movie shows a woman who is known as a big writer and that woman one day writes such a book and in that book, it is written like all the girls happening in her life all her imaginary country and the details she starts writing in her book, And to write these books and at the end of it he wrote such a book and in that book.

it is told that in ancient times all the kings kept their wealth and money and the total information of where to find the gold he wrote an interesting language and in this cycle one such The villain, He sees that and he wants to take all the money and then he kidnaps the girl and then he takes the star and then her boyfriend follows her to the island to save her and then when he meets that woman. Goes and is detained by enemies woman who tries to save him and a companion with him is his friend.

And the hero of this movie reaches the place where the girl has been trapped and he goes there with his friend to save her on the way, he first notices that a lot of villains are already surrounding and killing everyone one by one. then the room goes in and saves the girl,

And then he rescues the girl and comes to the place and the friend loses his life trying to save her and then the two of them come alone in a broken down car that starts moving up and suddenly goes bad from the top of the hill and then the car is falling down. falls down and they are both helpless now they have nothing,

They have no idea how to contact anyone else or find out how they can get home now until they both go for a walk and the villains come to follow them and capture them both then That takes two people The place houses the treasures of Maharaja Maharaja, And after that, the woman followed those roads and reached the place of riches and then found two skeletons lying there without any gold or money and then in a fit of rage Seventy wanted to kill them both.

Then the two of them are trapped in the grave and they both get trapped in it one of their villain’s accomplices passes an iron weapon to save them and they both sitabhoga the restlessness increases and their secretary comes to save them.

More information about The Lost City Movie

Movie Name The Lost City
Producer nameSandra Bullock, Seth Gordon
Cinematographer nameJonathan Sela
Editor name Craig Alpert
Music creatorPinar Toprak
Production House3dot Productions, Fortis Films
movie Running time112 minutes
Released Country USA
Movie Budgetaround $68 million
Total box office collection$190.8 million
Film LanguageOnly English

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