The King Eternal Monarch Drama Review, Cast, Plot, Rating

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The King Eternal Monarch Drama
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The King Eternal Monarch OTT Review

This movie is a romantic and fantasy type drama series and when this series was released the first audience in March was very low but as soon as everyone started watching it the popularity of this movie started to earn a lot of money and the first viewing of this movie That one goesStory about the King First there was a king of a country who killed his own brother

and tried to kill his son because of a flute and it was a nation that could control the whole world by itself, and then the violence starts hitting his throat with a corner of the side to kill the little boy then a police officer comes and doesn’t save him

and then when he’s about to happen he’s his police ID. The card falls down and he sees a girl’s police ID card. The IMDB rating of this movie is very average and it is rated around 8.1 out of 10 the movie is very good and managed to win the hearts of the fans

The King Eternal Monarch Drama Storyline

The King Eternal Monarch Drama’s main storyline is about a huge king of North Korea who lost his parents when he was young. His aunt killed his father because of his greed for their property and then ran away. To finish the father’s activities later Aaj takes the responsibility of Jute into his own hands and from then on his life story begins,

When he grows up 30 notices that he has an ID card from his childhood and it is a girl police officer ID card he tries to identify it and tries to know the story inside it and is very curious to know what happened and then after a lot of searching. The name of the girl falls within their realm,

and it was not possible to find the address the next day he suddenly found the door of another place while going through a forest on a side road, Then in his joint, he jumped through the door and that door is the road to time travel and another world and that road has a reason that the king has that familiarity and then when he enters the different country he sees that all the Nothing is different than them and that can’t understand what this country has or doesn’t have and then,

The king then crosses a road and sees a policeman with his horse and the lady policeman tries to stop him and respect him then he says who are you and the king replies I’m from another place I’m a girl police officer here I believe those things Does not and arrests time was taken to the police station and then questioned about his name and where he came from and he gave a reply I’m a king of Korea empire.

More Information about The King Eternal Monarch Drama

Drama NameThe King Eternal Monarch
Director name Baek Sang-hoon and Yoo Je-won, Jung Ji-hyun
drama CastLee Jung-jin, and Jung Eun-chae, Kim Kyung-nam, Kim Go-eun, Lee Min-ho, Jung Ji-hyun, etc.
CountrySouth Korea
Production HouseExecutive producers
Distributor CompanieNetflix, and SBS
Drama Budget30 billion Won
networkSBS TV
Picture and video 1080i full HD
total episodesonly 16
Writer name Kim Eun-sook
GenreRomantic and fantasy

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