The Best Action Korean Dramas Of All Time

Want to know about Best Action Korean Drama, Here you will find their complete information along with the names ratings, and reviews of the best action dramas.

Want to know which action Korean drama is the best and most highly rated then you have come to the right place, here is the top ten list of best action Korean dramas, And complete information about them here.

list of The Best Action Korean Dramas

Best Action Korean Dramas
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Here is the Best Action Korean Drama name’s with their content, plot, and their genre action-packed, comedy-romantic, thriller, and Zombie type Read on for more complete details.

#1. The Uncanny Counter

The main story is about a disabled school student and those students become part of a counter they are also another group that research the paranormal, Which means that any evil energy or any evil spirit seeks them out and research them when they find out that those students are victims of the paranormal and he is forced to fight against them and inform them or the evil forces to save the from them and fight to save all the people.

#2. The K2

This Action Korean drama the story is about a soldier and when he was in Iraq he got a lover and her name was Raniya and he kept meeting her and once he killed a civilian, He got involved in the murder and was forced to flee from there, This Korean drama released on September 23, 2016,

And this Korean drama is perfectly connected to action and melodrama and political thriller, This Korean drama achieved the highest rating on IMDb of 7.8/10.

#3. My Name

The story of the movie is about a woman years ago her father died in a murder and the police don’t understand how her father died she realizes what could be the cause of her father’s death and then she is in a rage.

Joins the gang of gangsters and then from then on he starts to find out how his father died And that girl wants to avenge her father’s death, avenges death. This cut is completely covered in action crime and thriller, and this k drama’s highest IMDB rating earns 7.8/10.

#4. Vagabond

This Action Korean drama’s main plot is about a world-famous stuntman who had a dream since childhood that he will grow up to be a successful actor he could not fulfill his dream due to the pressure of his career childhood, And after that,

he takes care of his niece as his only department and tries to take all her responsibilities, How a stuntman fulfills his dream of acting and how he fights his life’s struggle to move forward. this is one of the most action and mystery-type Korean series.

#5. Bridal Mask

The whole movie is about a police officer he is a man living in Seoul, Korea and he once betrayed his own country, japanise is a police officer and is accused of having committed a major global betrayal of his own country.

And this whole movie is based on the story of how that police officer solves this problem and how he will prove himself innocent. This k drama full based on is historical and adventure and full-action fiction are very beautiful. Bridal Mask Korean drama is completely covered in 28 episodes.

#6. Two Weeks

Two Weeks Action Korean drama’s main story is about a boy whose mother and father died at an early age, It is not known how his father died and his mother committed suicide, And that boy became a gangster during his childhood,

And then how he fights to the death for two weeks to save a girl and himself and how he in his life struggle is shown here in full. and this Korean drama series is one of the best Action fiction and Thriller, mystery type drama series and this series highest earned rating on IMDb 7.9/10.

#7. City Hunter

City Hunter’s main story line about a great king of South Korea. He and all of his companions were on a trip to Burma when they were all doing it together from North Korea when suddenly a huge bomb exploded in the middle of their road and all the high officials among them. Employees were killed and many were injured and then this incident became known as the Rangoon Incident.

#8. All Of Us Are Dead

This is a horror action drama story where a nurse inside a school somehow turns into a Zombie in the School and then after turning into that Zombie is seen specifically attacking a few students, And then when the zombies attack everyone one by one and they also come and attack,

they all turn into zombies and slowly all the members of the school slowly turn into zombies, then a panic of sadness spread throughout the school.

#9. The Spy Who Loved Me

The main story of this movie is about a designer and her two husbands And then the whole story revolves around how the woman hides her true identity from them. and this movie full based on Romance Comedy, and full action-packed Korean drama,

and The Spy Who Loved Me k drama’s highest rating on IMDB is 6.1 out of 10. in this k drama’s main character role-plays most famous Korean k drama actors and actresses, actor name’s is Eric Mun, and Lim Ju-hwan, and the actress’s name is Yoo In-na.

#10. Last

This Korean drama’s main storyline is about a man who was a very big manager of a huge company, And its main story is how he got terribly confused about a financial deal and ended up destroying more than 35 billion rupees in his business, Then one by one all his commercial died quite mysteriously, It is a full action-packed and thriller types K drama.

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